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Providing Everything You Need

Jewelry Sketches
Ring Designer
(Customer Design Service)

Goldiaq has been providing ODM custom jewelry design services for more than two-decade. Our designer team primarily works with retail jewelry brands and premium boutique jewelry design agencies who want to bring an idea to reality in a limited time, with the guarantee of 23 years of experience.

Shaping Gold Ring
Designed & Manufactured Jewellery

Goldiaq provides clients with customer Jewelry Design and Manufacturing Services for 20+ years. This experience in the jewelry manufacturing and design industry originates from working with multiple international clients worldwide.  As a result, we can identify and understand different needs and requirements across different markets.

Shaping Gold Ring
Jewelry Workbench
Professional Metals Casting

Provider of excellent and high-quality jewelry-casting services for jewelry businesses and designers. Bring your jewelry designs to life with the help of professional jewelry casting services offered by Goldiaq.  Each step of the casting process is closely monitored to ensure the highest level of quality. Polishing and  Finishing is a great ways to increase value and give life to what may seem like an ordinary piece, making it more unique,  special, and adding value.

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